Surveying vessels Donaris 1, Donaris2, Donaris 3

The surveying vessels  "Donaris 1", "Donaris 2" und "Donaris 3" were built for the AFDJ Galati, Romania.

The dimensions of each ship are:

Length of ship: 16.15 m
Width of ship: 4.63 m
Draught: 1.10 m
Engine Performance:       2 x 245 KW
Maximum speed: 16 kn

The shipping routes of these ships are situated on the river Donau in Romania. The vessel "Donaris 1 "is ocean-going and can be sailed on the Black Sea ("Reichweite" 3 sm). The ships are used to survey the river Donau. They are able to map the ground of a river. Each of the ships is equipped with: a direction finder, DGPS, a radar device, an echograph, and an air-conditioning system.